Wie maakte deze web documentaire?
Who made this web documentary?

The web documentary 'Ndirande slum. Engine behind the Development Goals’ is part of a lager media project, which includes lectures, a number of articles for major European news-papers and the Facebook page ‘Ndirande. Its strength, its people’.

Initiator of the project is Ralf Bodelier (Vaals, Netherlands 1961). As a journalist, writer and philosopher he visited many slums worldwide and brought them to life in books like the novel ‘Atheist in Africa' (2001) and the essay collection 'Trees have roots, people have legs' (2004). In his Ph.D. thesis ‘Cosmopolitan and Shanty Towns’ (2012) he tried to answer the question of how rich, safe and healthy people probably could feel responsible for poor, unsafe and unhealthy people in slums.

'Ndirande slum. Engine behind the Development Goals’ was organised, filmed and edited by passionate young people from the heart of Ndirande. Their media company Flashblinkis run as a 'social enterprise'. The editor of the documentary was Tracy Thungaye, at that time 16 years old. First cameraman was Ernest Phiri, 19 years. Organiser and sound engineer was Yamican Thungaye, 18 years. Journalist Salome Disi, 22 years did the interviews. Ndirande-tour guide Saulos Jali, 37, brokered the appointments and acted as a stage manager while the team filmed in the slum.

Wie maakte deze web documentaire?
FlashBlink did more than executing a job. In the course of the process, Tracy, Ernest and Yamican forwarded a lot of ideas and suggestions, which were usually carried out. Therefore, 'Ndirande slum. Engine behind the Development Goals’ is also their web documentary. It is not only the first multi-media-project about Ndirande. It is the first documentary about Ndirande by people from Ndirande.

The design of the web documentary and the finalisation of the website was in the skilful hands of Dave of Opdorp, Dennis Jansen and the rest of the team of PLUGr.tv in the Netherlands. Mirjam Vossen scrutinized the Dutch texts, Emma Bodelier and Shaira Panjwani removed many language errors in the English texts and Claudia Reuter did the same in the German ones.

The project was supported with a Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates-foundation, awarded by the ‘European Journalism Centre’ in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

© MirjamVossen. Film crew, Ndirande, Malawi. 2015
© Saulos Jali. Lisungu and Ralf Bodelier Ndirande, Malawi. 2014